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Leanna Keith Consortium

To Be Premiered at the 2023 Mid-Atlantic Flute Festival
“Come to the forest when it calls, and you may find creatures of old, elder and ancient spirits, mischievous and kind. Come, come to the forest.”

The Troll and the Fae is a seven-movement modular work by flutist and composer, Leanna Keith, in which the performer may play any number of the movements in any order. This work was commissioned by Rose Bishop and Dr. Christine Beard to be premiered at the Mid-Atlantic Flute Festival in 2023!


Designed as an introduction to extended techniques, each movement picks a small number of techniques to focus on in an approachable manner. For example, the titular movement uses pitch bends, flutter tongue, and tongue clicks. Another uses multiphonics and timbre trills, and another uses breath tone and whistle-tones.


By working through all seven movements, the player may learn and become comfortable with the basics of these techniques. Each movement thematically revolves around mythologies and folklore from a variety of cultures. Each movement is able to be performed on either flute or piccolo.


Consortium Tiers:


$50 - Name listed in the score as a donor

$100 - Performance rights for the first year 

$250 - Premiere rights for one of the seven movements (for the first 5 people) - gets a signed copy of the print of illustration for each movement. The book will be published by ALRY and provided to this level. 

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