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Prophetic Visions is Durward's newest album, which was released November 2nd, 2023! New music by diverse composers, featured guest artist by Megan Ihnen, Mezzo-Soprano and Loralee Songer, and fellow Durward members such as duo for clarinet and trumpet and a trombone feature. 

Prophetic Visions features brand new pieces by Tray Guess, Jodi Goble, Martha C. Horst, Brooke Joyce, Jeremy Beck, Jerry Owen, and Matthew Evan Taylor

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Rose Bishop Diversions-5.png

Diversions is Rose Bishop's debut album of solo flute repertoire that she either commissioned during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, or performed as part of her residency with the Southeast Iowa Symphony Orchestra in October, 2021.This album features compositions by all female composers, and includes works by Amber Beams, Nicole Chamberlain, Linda Robbins Coleman, and Lisa Neher.
Released September, 2022.

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Durward is a chamber ensemble that promotes the diversity of contemporary music to a broad audience through performances of rarely performed works and commissioning new works by living composers. Committed to formal concert presentations and educational outreach programs, Durward engages audiences of all ages and artistic interests in experiences that celebrate creativity and develop a community-based commitment to new music.

Released November, 2018.

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Of Wind and Waves is an EP of vocal and instrumental solos exploring the currents of air, water, and emotions that define our natural and psychological world. The music, composed by Lisa Neher and performed by Neher and flutist Rose Bishop, conjures crashing waves on the ocean shore, rippling water, the erratic flitting of moths in the moonlight, and the longing of loved ones separated from one another.

Released January 31, 2021. 


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